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GNLM 05-2.5

AUDUSA Eupen > Power Cords

AUDUSA Eupen GNLM 05-2.5 SEB
Ferrite technology
Deep Cryo treated power cord
Rated at 16 amps
Shielded cable
ask for product info.
what a revelation rfi problem completly gone . sound wise the music breaks free of the speakers. the midrange is definitely more refind and there is less grain
the bass is cleaner and more articulate. the real revelation was connecting one to hera power supply for iso.
they are getting better everyday. the best money i have ever spent on my system
well done audusa.and many thanks
here is a list of my system as promised.
michel orbe turntable with zeta silver wire cable
iso hera moving coil amp
lyra dorian mc cart.
arcam FMJ CD 37 cd player
astintrew at1000 pre amp
martin logan purity speakers.
chord cables ( but not for long)
audusa eupen glnm05/2.5
the power cord works fine, i've ordered another one for my CD transport Teac on your website.
Have a nice day.
JP - France
Well received power cord.
Connected to a PowerDac Wadia, only one word : fabulous !!!
Great, great work !!!
All the best
YL - France

AUDUSA Eupen 05/2.5 power cord
Perhaps the most intriguing cable in the group, Audusa Eupen is made from a polymer material mixed with a considerable quantity of fine ferrite powder. This compound is called EMC/COM and can be extruded around copper conductors to make a cable. Ferrite itself is non-conductive, but has interesting magnetic properties when subjected to an AC field.

As the magnetic field alternates, the material is magnetised and de-magnetised, causing considerable losses of high frequency energy. The longer the cable, the greater the effect. Coating conductors with a thin layer of ferrite compound is said to absorb any high-frequency noise that might be present on the signal. The cable is fully shielded and a drain wire is included. Itís fairly thick, but the use of stranded copper conductors means its reasonably flexible.

Subjectively Audusa Eupen proved to be very good indeed, sounding crisp and detailed, with good rhythmic cohesion and excellent pitch definition. Female vocal sounded slightly breathy, but it was a natural (rather than electronic) breathiness that avoided unpleasant smearing effects. Bass sounded firm and tuneful, and overall the music emerged clean and well-balanced. Given the supposed subjective limitations of the Rotel CD player, I have to say using it with Audusa Eupen mains cable eliminated most of its sonic weaknesses. Given the very reasonable cost of this cable, and its outstanding performance it deserves top marks and a strong recommendation.

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