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designed and manufactured in Italy

NEW FOR 2013

IMPULSO DAC 32bit 384Hz

This new IMPULSO DAC reproduces native DSD 2,8 and 5,6 Mbit/sec (also 3.072 and
6,144) and PCM until 384/32 on USB.
No driver need for MAC. Driver available for Windows XP/Vista/7/8.

The Impulso is equipped with the DAC flagship ESS Sabre ES9016S that runs until 384kHz-32 bit.

Digital filters are selectable from setup for PCM (high, low slope) and DSD.
Phase selectable 0-180 degree.

This DAC achieves a very low jitter performances with PLL.

The THD is very low 0,0003%.

Analog output is available on unbalanced and balanced connectors with true balanced circuit.
Digital input on coax, toslink, USB2.0

also new for 2013 are the

Essensio DAC Review- copyrights owned by audusa,
you may download for your personal use only.

October 2011 - Essensio listed in HFN&RR Ultimate HiFi 2011

ex-demo units Essensio DAC, USB DAC 32 , go to

North Star Fluxio

Northstar Excelsio 32 bit 384hz

Northstar Fluxio

•Precision volume control on balanced analog output
•selectable digital filter
•very low jitter 192/32 USB input
•I2S connection
•flexible headphone amplifier
•coaxial, optical and balanced digital inputs
•high precision fully balanced DC coupled analog stage
•configuration setup
•aluminum remote control

click for review of Fluxio and 192 Transport

North Star Essensio Plus - HiFi News Oustanding Product

North Star Essensio Plus DAC with remote volume

click for Essensio Plus product information

click for the Essensio Plus HiFiNews group test review

North Star USB DAC 32

click for USB DAC 32 product information

North Star USB DAC 32

Essensio DAC HiFi New Outstanding Product

click for large image

North Star Essensio DAC

click for review of Essensio
click for Essensio product spec

North Star 192 Transport, upsamples to 192

Five Star rated by HiFi World

North Star Extremo DAC

Five star rated by HiFi World, 24 bit DAC

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